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Artist Tour:Scott Young

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Join us on Thursday 8 June at 18:30pm for an artist-led tour of Storage Solutions by artist Scott Young.

Aligning modernist design promises with the idea of painting as an alleged storage ‘solution’, the exhibition poses questions around the medium’s relevance in today’s climate and the infrastructures from which it arises. Immerse yourself in Scott’s deceptive image worlds as we excavate the motifs, materials and memories that make up his mesmerising show.

Scott Young (b. Seattle, US) is interested in the strange and uncanny relationships we project on objects and possessions. His paintings are a contemporary re-envisioning of still life and vanitas, where objects and motifs with contentious social significance are carefully placed into coded dialogues.

Young received a BA in Philosophy & Aesthetics from The Evergreen State College and an MFA from Goldsmiths University of London (2022), after taking a six-month hiatus (2020) to study traditional decorative painting techniques at Van der Kelen Logelain, Brussels. Past exhibitions include: The Artist Room (London); Florence Trust (London); Art Exchange Gallery at University of Essex, Des Baines (London), and Christie’s.