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By Any Means: Screening Programme

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Gray Wielebinski and curator/writer, Cairo Clarke, have programmed a series of film screenings that will be shown in tandem with Wielebinski’s exhibition, By Any Means. These will take place in the fifth floor project space at V.O Curations on 24 and 31 July, and 7 and 14 August.

The conception of a screening programme nods to the legacy of the underground and adult film cultures in the neighbouring London area of Soho, allowing for the thinking through of opacity as a tool to maintain the existence of spaces and communities that are constantly being pushed out and destroyed by institutional, commercial and capital-orientated power structures, whilst also recognising the danger of opacity when used by those structures themselves.

The films speak to this further, each embodying their own visual, oral and written language, whilst also situating themselves in conversation with familiar types of cinema. AIn doing so, as a viewer, certain familiar codes carry us through: collage, translation, revenge fantasy and nature documentary, whilst the filmmakers and artists subvert and redirect us to engage critically with narrative and moving-image. Propaganda continues to be inherently interwoven into mainstream Hollywood cinema, obfuscating large power structures with white, cis, revenge-based narratives.

When revenge is individualised what happens to collective justice? Where does it sit in this dichotomy? How is it articulated and by whom? The films in this programme speak to all of these questions, arriving at no one answer, but rather, inviting us to take heed to the questions and articulations that arise in us and our relations to the world.


Saturday 24 July

Welcome II the Terrordome by Ngozi Onwurah

Running time, 98 min

1pm | 4pm

Saturday 31 July

Terror Nullius by Soda Jerk

Running time, 54 min

1pm | 4pm

Saturday 7 August

Metamorphosis, Episode 3: Emergence

Produced by The Institute of Queer Ecology, commissioned by DIS

Running time, 15 min

Film will run on loop throughout the day

Saturday 14 August

Duilian by Wu Tsang

Running time, 26 min

1pm | 4pm

Screenings must be pre-booked, please visit the booking page for each date for more information.

Gray Wielebinski (b. 1991 Dallas, TX, USA) received a BA from Pomona College, Claremont CA, USA in 2014 before completing an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK in 2018. He lives and works in London and LA. In Wielebinski’s expansive practice, which incorporates video, performance, collage, installation and sculpture, he explores the intersections of mythology, identity, gender, nationhood and memory. Reconfiguring and transforming iconography and visual codes, their work seeks to navigate society’s frameworks and belief systems. Engaging directly with the contexts in which we live, Wielebinski reveals how narratives reflect and shape our identities. His work opens up the possibilities for a more inclusive storytelling, by reimagining dominant societal mythology. Recent exhibitions include Two Snakes, a solo show at 12.26 Gallery in Dallas, Texas (2020), Our Ashes Make Great Fertilizer at Public Gallery, London, (2020) Repurposed Textiles at Krefelder Kunstverein in Krefeld, DE (2020) and at Frieze London with Hales Gallery, London, where he currently has a solo show.

Cairo Clarke is a curator and writer whose work is informed by slowness. Her work centres on forms of knowledge production and dissemination that slip between the cracks, are formed on unstable ground and take on multiple temporalities. Cairo has worked closely with artists to develop and share instances of work across film, performance, printed matter and events, as well as sharing self-led curatorial projects. In 2019 she launched SITE, a publication and curatorial project exploring alternative encounters with artist practice and the dissemination of research. Cairo is the 2020/21 Curatorial Fellow at LUX.