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We are very pleased to announce hold-me-tight, a series of four commissioned public programming events that focus on dependency not as a deficit, but rather, as perhaps the only way of living together compassionately and sustainably.

Under current social and biological conditions, we find ourselves feeling too often spiritually and physically isolated. The rise of neoliberal rhetoric on a global level assigns worth according to one’s ability to be independent and resilient. Covid-19 has situated us all in various degrees of isolation, and as a result of the pandemic, we have been confronted by the universal though differentially distributed precarity of life. Within this context relational ties are tenuous at best, and the concept of coming together feels to be fading into a distant memory.

In collaboration with guest artists, musicians, writers, curators and educators, hold-me-tight is an interdisciplinary project taking place throughout 2021 that seeks to bring bodies and minds together, in search of a genuinely liveable life. Whether taking place virtually or physically, the events are situated around the following questions: Are there generative aspects in the act of gathering? Can acknowledging and embracing vulnerability shift existing, social, political and economic structures? And in what ways is human subjectivity shaped by that which exists outside of ourselves?

07.04. 21 Music As Deep Study: with Angel Bat Dawid and Anupa Mistry