‘Nourishment II’, Anousha Payne

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Nourishment II

V.O Curations is pleased to host ‘Nourishment II: Branches that have radiated from a crystallised central theme’, curated by Anousha Payne.

Inspired by the text ‘Mind-Map’ by Lucy Evetts, the artists have created works that respond to and reflect on ideas within the prose.

‘Nourishment II’ is a charitable event that raises funds in aid of Prananth Children’s Home, India.

Prananth Children’s Home was co-founded in 2009 by Anousha’s grandmother, Joyce, in Hosur, South India, as a home for thirty children aged 5 to 18. The aim of 'Nourishment' is to use art exhibitions as a way of raising money for the organization. All funds raised from this show will go directly to the Prananth Children’s Home.

Featured artists:

Jesse Pollock

Xiuching Tsay

Johnny Lowry

Lucy Evetts

Nour El Saleh

Sara Anstis

Tristan Pigott

Laila Tara

Open online from 26 November, and open by appointment from 3 - 12 December.