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We are delighted to announce our collaboration with ActionSpace for the upcoming exhibition Abundance featuring artists Chandrakant Patel, Erin Keogh, and Kathy Wilmott. The exhibition will run from 27 February – 2 March, 12 – 4pm (except 28 February, 2 – 4pm).

This touring exhibition represents the culmination of a three-year collaborative project involving ActionSpace, Project Ability, and Venture Arts, celebrating the excellence of their work with learning disabled artists. Abundance is the third and final iteration of this exhibition series, offering an immersive experience that delves into the connection between the prolific creations of these artists and their unique abstract practices.

Throughout the exhibition, there will be a diverse program of live, inclusive events, ensuring an engaging experience for all visitors.

The exhibition has been curated by artist and curator Louis Caseley, who aims ‘to bring a sensory immersion’ inspired by the artists' practices. Exhibiting artists were initially selected by artist Sonia Boué who comments that audiences will be drawn to and ‘connect with the immediacy, energy and abundance of life within the three selected practices.’

Chandrakant Patel is based at ActionSpace’s Studio in London. His exquisite and culturally layered practice combines painting and drawing to create multiple wall collages. Chandrakant frequently works on several pieces at once, layering inks, acrylics and pen to create rich compositions.

Erin Keogh is an artist, based at Project Ability in Glasgow. Her textured and expansive exuberance from a place of physical confinement is compelling. Erin creates large, expressive and thoughtfully composed canvases.

Kathy Wilmott’s work is full of joy and movement, with flowing circular patterns, combined with immersive colour combinations. She works across a variety of mediums, including illustration, textiles and ceramics, but her work always starts with illustration.

Abundance is part of the Explorers Project, a creative programme and framework for increasing the visibility and representation of neurodivergent artists in contemporary visual art.