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‘Assholes'Motoko Ishibashi

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Motoko Ishibashi, Urara Tsuchiya, Yuto Kudo, Entrance 4, 2021

Created in Tokyo and during her three-month residency at V.O, Motoko Ishibashi’s solo exhibition, Assholes, presents a group of new paintings alongside a series of photographs made collaboratively with artist, Urara Tsuchiya, and fashion photographer, Yuto Kudo.

Engaging with mass consumer culture as well as digital subcultures, Ishibashi’s work considers relations of power, gender, the body and selfhood within technologically-mediated society.

Motoko Ishibashi (b. 1987, Nagasaki, Japan) received her MFA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London (2015), her BFA in Painting at Slade School of Fine Art, London (2013), and a BA in Aesthetics and Science of Arts: Philosophy at Keio University, Tokyo (2010). Ishibashi’s work has featured in Agitations: Stirred portraits at Courtyard Hiroo, Tokyo (2020); The Sound of Rhubarb at Lady Helen, London (2019); Rachel Is at Pact, Paris (2019); Seraphita at Polansky Gallery, Prague (2018); and 2:00 at Fig. Tokyo (2018). Forthcoming exhibitions include a two-person show with Gray Wielebinski at Quench Gallery, Margate (2021) and a solo project in Tokyo (2021).