56 Conduit Street

‘Pen Pusher'Emily Pope

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Emily Pope, Insult/Salt, 2021

For the second V.O Projects exhibition, London-based artist Emily Pope presents, Pen Pusher. Referencing rave flyers, viral statements, political advertising and protest banners, as well as the work of feminist artists such as Jenny Holzer, the exhibition includes sixteen of the artist's 'positive posters' alongside a new and never before seen large-scale wall installation.

Emily Pope (b. 1990 London) is an artist working between film, printmaking, writing and radio, and who is excited by experimental forms of broadcast and distribution. She is currently working on an experimental film and exhibitions project supported by WOMP (Sheffield), The Box Museum (Plymouth) and Arts Council England. She has exhibited widely in solo and group presentations at artist-led organisations, small contemporary spaces and LGBTQI+ venues. This has included BLOC Projects, Sheffield (2019); Vogue Fabrics, London (2019); Peak Gallery, London (2019); Paradise Works, Manchester (2019); The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2018); Serf, Leeds (2018); VI VII, Oslo (2017); Matthew Gallery, New York (2017); HA HA Gallery, Southampton (2017); Auto Italia, London (2017); Turf Projects, London (2015).