⾦泉湯 (Kin Sen Yu) Postcards

Motoko Ishibashi, Urara Tsuchiya, Yuto Kudo
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⾦泉湯 (Kin Sen Yu) is a set of seven postcards created by residency artist, Motoko Ishibashi. Made in collaboration with fellow artist, Urara Tscuhiya, and fashion photographer, Yuto Kudo, the postcards draw from the trio's collaborative project of the same title.

Made in Japan just before the start Ishibashi's residency at V.O Curations, ⾦泉湯 (Kin Sen Yu) is a series of photographs that focuses on the Japanese communal bathhouse, or sentō. Dressed in mesh bodysuits and wearing wigs and face paint, Ishibashi and Tsuchiya are photographed performing various acts that defy conventional bathhouse etiquette. With the assistance of props such as fruits, vegetables, sake and laptop computers, the two artists eat, imbibe, play and role play. The photographs employ humour and drama as a way to both celebrate and destabilise the bathhouse as a traditional symbol of Japanese culture.

The postcards mark Ishibashi’s residency and solo exhibition at V.O, Assholes, and have been released in a limited edition of 50.

Motoko Ishibashi (b. 1987, Nagasaki, Japan) received her MFA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London (2015), her BFA in Painting at Slade School of Fine Art, London (2013), and a BA in Aesthetics and Science of Arts: Philosophy at Keio University, Tokyo (2010). Ishibashi’s work has featured in Agitations: Stirred portraits at Courtyard Hiroo, Tokyo (2020); The Sound of Rhubarb at Lady Helen, London (2019); Rachel Is at Pact, Paris (2019); Seraphita at Polansky Gallery, Prague (2018); and 2:00 at Fig. Tokyo (2018). Forthcoming exhibitions include a two-person show with Gray Wielebinski at Quench Gallery, Margate (2021) and a solo project in Tokyo (2021).


⾦泉湯 (Kin Sen Yu)
Motoko Ishibashi, Urara Tsuchiya, Yuto Kudo
Set of seven postcards
Limited edition of 50
With hand-stamped and editioned envelope
Size: 19.5 x 13.7 cm
Published by: V.O Curations
Release Date: June 2021