White Makaveli Mod (2Perishable / 2Durable)

R.I.P. Germain
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White Makaveli Mod (2Perishable / 2Durable) is a limited edition print by artist R.I.P. Germain to mark his solo exhibition 'Four Bedrooms With An En suite, A Garage & Garden In A Nice Neighbourhood’.

Depicting a silicone mask of a White Tupac Shakur, the uneven, but comprehensive co-option of this iconic Black figure invites the viewer to follow the strange logics of the process in which white culture decides which parts of Black culture it will consume, and which it will discard. Here, the silicone mask donned by a figure in the artist’s work ‘CJ (Keeping Up Appearances)’ (2022) — which features in his show at 56 Conduit Street — enters a public half-life as a poster, a readymade apt for mass consumption.


White Makaveli Mod (2Perishable / 2Durable)
R.I.P. Germain
Edition of 200
Inkjet print on 240gsm Image Indigo paper
42 x 59.4 cm
Release Date: March 2022