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V.O Studios are conveniently located across central London, providing artists and practitioners with comfortable, secure and affordable space in which to work. Through our studios, we are committed to reflect the diversity of artists and practices in London, to cultivate a sense of community and to provide studio occupants with access to distinctive networks and resources.

We provide a range of self enclosed, light–filled spaces that all have AC/heating and high speed wifi. Our studio prices start from £150pm. Facilities are accessible 24/7 with communal areas, shared kitchens, as well as access to project spaces.


Who can rent a V.O Studio?

We accept applications from artists and makers of all practices. We strongly believe that studio buildings thrive when there is a good mix of talents from various disciplines.

How do I apply?

To apply you need to fill in our studio application form.

How does the application process work?

Once you have completed our studio application form, you will automatically be added to our waiting list. A member of our team will contact you if and when we have available studios to offer you.

How are studios allocated?

Our studios are either allocated to artists who have been registered on our waiting list the longest; who best match criteria for a particular studio; or whose practices are most compatible with other artists in a particular studio building.

How long can I rent a studio for?

Our standard studio agreements are for a minimum of 1 year and are extended in line with the building’s lease.

What is the notice period?

If you wish to leave our studios it is a simple process. Our notice period is two calendar months, and if you wish to leave earlier than this, we would try to allocate studios to new artists quicker.

What does the rent include?

All charges related to the property e.g rent, service charge, business rates, building insurance.

What doesn't the rent include?

This varies depending on the studio building. In some instances, utilities and wifi are included in the rent, and in some cases they are not. This will be communicated clearly when viewing a new studio.

Are there deposits to be paid for studios?

We do not charge deposits for our studios.

Do the studios have heating?

All of our studios have heating.

How do I know when a new building opens?

Following submission of a studio application form, you will be added to our waiting list, and we will inform you as and when we have studio availability to offer you.

If you haven’t applied to our studios and would still like to be kept informed about studio availability, please subscribe to our mailing list.