Ben Edmunds

Ben Edmunds (b. 1994, Norwich) is an artist based in London. Spanning painting and sculpture, his practice is deeply rooted in his background as a sailor and windsurfer. His work focuses on the crossover between these adventure sports, luxury lifestyle pursuits and colour field painting. He is interested in the possibilities of abstraction as a transcendental experience, likening it to climbing a mountain or sailing in open water. He questions the assumed anti-utilitarianism of painting, proposing the artwork as a form of equipment.

Solo exhibitions include ‘Clear above, visibility unlimited’, L21 Gallery, Barcelona (2024); ‘Adventure Incl.’, Jari Lager Gallery, Cologne (2023); ‘Second Mountain’, Tatjana Pieters Gallery (2023); ‘Everything we already had’, L21 Gallery, Barcelona (2022); ‘Closer to the wind’, L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (2022); ‘Recent Works’, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Gent (2022); ‘Almost Somewhere’, Choi & Lager Gallery, Seoul (2021); ‘It won’t last forever (or maybe it will)’, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Gent (2021); ‘HappinessTM’, The Shophouse, Hong Kong (2020); ‘Where should I go from here?’, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo (2019); ‘Lost Horizons’, Noble Studios, London (2017); ‘Kick Off’, Carousel, London (2017).

His works have been featured in group exhibitions at Ballroom, Antwerp (2023); Hermetika Project Space, Berlin (2023); Simulacra Gallery, Beijing (2023); JPS Gallery, Paris (2023); The Shophouse, Hong Kong (2022); Copperfield Gallery, London (2022); L21 Gallery, Palma (2021); Asia Art Center, Taipei (2021); Choi & Lager Gallery, Cologne (2019); Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo (2019); Danysz Gallery, Shanghai (2019); Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Gent ((2019); Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milan (2019); Mall Galleries, London (2019); Pierre Poulet, Bordeaux (2018); Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo (2018); Courtauld Institute of Art, London (2018).

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