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exhibitionAlessio BolzoniTHERE'S A FINE LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE, YOU SEE21.06—06.07.202456 Conduit Streetexhibition Phoebe Collings-James, Minia Biabiany, Candice Zogo, Tania Arancia Marie and Deanna Naomi Nelson-MckieWeaving Through Sonorities10.04—27.04.202456 Conduit StreeteventTALK: The Spirit of Marronage in Caribbean Sonorities02.11.202356 Conduit StreeteventOlukemi LijaduScreening: Guardian Angel22.10.2023Silencio Club eventOpen Studios: Mayfair 01.07.202356 Conduit StreeteventScott YoungArtist Tour07.06.202356 Conduit StreetexhibitionScott YoungStorage Solutions04.05—01.07.202356 Conduit StreeteventCurator’s Tour: Nasty Girl (The Sharpest Girl in Town) 30.03.202356 Conduit StreeteventOpen Studios: Tower of London10.03—11.03.202347 Mark LaneexhibitionEbun SodipoNasty Girl (The Sharpest Girl in Town) curated by Languid Hands 16.02—05.04.202356 Conduit StreeteventDaria BlumPerformance: Circumbendibus Vol. 230.11.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionJordan DerrienBushels of Goodness and Warmth11.11—17.12.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionGuendalina CerrutiOhh… Youth!11.11—17.12.202256 Conduit StreeteventOlukemi Lijadu Performance: Guardian Angel11.10.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionJoss HeierliLinktree09.09—29.10.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionOlukemi LijaduGuardian Angel09.09—29.10.202256 Conduit StreeteventChris Zhongtian Yuan & Olukemi Lijadu Performance: All Trace Is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss27.07.202256 Conduit StreeteventIn Conversation: Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Joe Namy & Xin Wang08.07.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionChris Zhongtian YuanAll Trace Is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss08.07—11.08.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionDanielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Flo Brooks, Emanuel de Carvalho, Guendalina Cerruti, Bernice Mulenga, Ebun SodipoPride Augmented02.07—04.08.2022Old Compton SteventIn Conversation: Sandra Poulson & Dr Jareh Das16.06.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionSandra PoulsonEconomy of the Dust13.05—30.06.202256 Conduit StreeteventDala NasserArtist Tour: Time Spent Without Its Flow05.05.202256 Conduit StreeteventRafael DalóArtist Tour: News From Home05.05.202256 Conduit StreeteventIn Conversation: Mohammed Sami & Monica Fernandez-Taranco06.04.2022Angel SquareexhibitionDala NasserTime spent without its flow Curated by Odessa Warren 01.04—05.05.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionRafael D’AlóNews from Home01.04—05.05.202256 Conduit StreeteventR.I.P. GermainArtist Tour: FOUR BEDROOMS WITH AN EN SUITE24.03.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionR.I.P. GermainFour Bedrooms With An En Suite, A Garage & Garden In A Nice Neighbourhood18.02—24.03.202256 Conduit StreetexhibitionASSEMBLE14.01—10.02.202256 Conduit StreeteventJack O’Brien, Sam Cottington, Tenant of Culture and Valerie KongWorkshop: Getting Dressed02.12—16.12.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionMichael and Chiyan HoKūnlún19.11—16.12.202156 Conduit StreeteventRhea DillonBook Launch: Donald Dahmer11.11.202156 Conduit StreeteventJared DavisWorkshop: Invisible Interventions & Extractive Platforms06.11.2021eventAnna Engelhardt & Emily RosamondIn Conversation: Reputation Volatility, the political economy of cyberwar05.11.2021exhibitionRhea DillonNonbody Nonthing No Thing15.10—11.11.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionAnna Engelhardt & Bahar Noorizadeh Curated by Reem ShadidThe Green Room15.10—11.11.202156 Conduit StreeteventJosephine BakerArtist Tour: Clear Out the Wounds Closest to the Sun06.10.202156 Conduit StreeteventZoë MardenPerformance: Marine Lovers...their fishy beginnings24.09—02.10.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionJosephine BakerClear Out The Wounds Closest To The Sun09.09—07.10.202156 Conduit StreeteventCurated by Cairo ClarkeScreening Programme: By Any Means24.07—14.08.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionDala Nasser, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Gray Wielebinski, Sunil Gupta, Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers), Zadie XaBy Any Means23.07—26.08.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionEmily PopePen Pusher24.06—15.07.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionMotoko IshibashiAssholes18.06—15.07.202156 Conduit StreeteventAngel Bat DawidListening session: Music As Deep Study07.06.202140 Broadway, London SW1H 0BUexhibitionLarry Achiampong, Patty Chang, Shezad Dawood, Rhea Dillon, DeSe Escobar, Madelynn Green, Nadya Isabella, Athena Papadopoulos, Mohammed Sami and Urara Tsuchiyahomeplace07.05—12.06.202156 Conduit Street exhibitionLaila Tara Ham I?08.04—29.04.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionNour el SalehWhere the Grass is Synthetic25.03—01.05.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionRichard Ayodeji IkhideFuture Past11.02—20.03.202156 Conduit StreetexhibitionEmma PrempehThe Faces of Love13.10—14.11.2020242 MaryleboneexhibitionJoseph YaegerPower Ballads08.09—03.10.2020242 MaryleboneexhibitionSola OlulodeWhere The Ocean Meets The Beach13.02—28.03.202012th floorexhibitionFrances Gibson, Alexandre Canonico, André Figueiredo da Silva, Josephine BakerWreck Or Ruin09.01—01.02.202012th flooreventMania AkbariScreening Programme: Body and Borders07.12.201912th floorexhibitionMania Akbari, Douglas WhiteMr. Majidi and the Electricity Box27.11—20.12.201912th floorexhibitionDillwyn SmithLight Cages24.10—22.11.201912th floorexhibitionNour El SalehExquisite Farces05.09—11.10.201912th FloorexhibitionPhillips x V.OParfum d’épines23.05—26.07.2019PhillipsexhibitionMuriel Abadie, Adriano Amaral, Jean-marie Appriou, Srijon Chowdhury, Isaac Lythgoe, John Miserendino, Maïa Régis, Cajsa von ZeipelCicatrices22.03—03.05.201912th FloorexhibitionSara BermanMatter out of Place03.10—19.10.201893 Baker Street exhibitionOlivia Baxat large08.08—24.08.201893 Baker Street