Débora Delmar

Débora Delmar (b. 1986, Mexico City) is an artist based in London. Delmar’s work investigates the effects of globalisation on everyday life in relation to consumer culture and society. She is particularly focused on the societal consequences, such as issues of class, cultural hegemony and gentrification. This is born from the omnipresent influence of the United States in Mexico, and in the wider world. Her work examines the contextual value of goods, analysing their production, distribution, consumption and disposal. Within her installations Delmar references corporate architecture, non-places and multinational chains that utilise homogenised minimalist aesthetics. These are commonly composed of a variety of media ranging from photographic prints or modified appropriated objects, to commissioned hand painted signs and carved sculptures. She often also incorporates immaterial components within exhibitions such as sound, scent and situations. 

Delmar earned a BFA from School of Visual Arts, New York (2011) and graduated from Postgraduate Programme, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2019).

Solo exhibitions include ‘Castles’, Llano, Mexico City (2023); ‘Terms and Conditions’, Disneyland Paris, Perth (2023); ‘Liberty’, Galleria Piu, Bologna (2022); ‘Wokring Conditions’, Shedhalle, Zürich (2021); [ ], Interface Gallery, Oakland (2020); ‘Property’, Syndicate, Material Art Fair, Mexico City (2020); ‘Time is Money’, Wolfson College, Cambridge (2019); ‘Couriers’, Weston Studio, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2019); ‘Stressed, Blessed and Coffee Obsessed’, Galleria Píu, Bologna (2019); ‘Corporate Facades’, Soft Opening, London (2018); ‘Upward Mobility’, Modern Art Oxford (2015); ‘Care Concepts’, Mon Chéri, Brussels (2015). 

Delmar completed residencies at the Red Mansion Residency, Beijing (2018 ); The White Building, London (2016); Casa Maauad Residency, Mexico City (2015); Atelier des Arques Residency, Les Arques (2014); SOMA Residency, Mexico City (2009). She has received numerous grants such as the Jumex Museum Scholarship, Mexico (2016-2018); Red Mansion Art Prize, UK/CN (2018); and the Wolfson College Cambridge RA Graduate Prize (2019).

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