Firpal Jawanda

Firpal Jawanda is an artist, garment designer, graphic designer and illustrator based in London who draws plush chimeric fantasies based around abstracted South Asian folklores, mythologies and modern creature imagination Practising the actualisation of Chimera through garment making and print illustration. 

Group exhibitions include ‘Women’s History Museum Biennale’, Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore (2019). Jawanda has created garments for Curtley Thomas which were on display at the South London Gallery as a part of Liz John Artur’s solo exhibition, ‘If You Know The Beginning, The End is No Trouble’ (2019), as well as for dancers, Paul Maheke and Nkisi's ‘Senså’ performances at the Venice Biennale (2019). 

Jawanda has been artist in residence at South Asia Art researching the 1970's South Asian rag trade and liberation movements in Old Street, London (2020).

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