Jerome Ince-Mitchell

Jerome Ince-Mitchell (b. 1991, London) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work uses play to explore conversations around the ambiguity of our layered identities. He enjoys playing with traditional and non-traditional mediums of expression, and uses a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, installation, performance and sculpture, often working on several projects simultaneously that can connect, overlap and disconnect at multiple points as he explores new subjectivities. For Jerome, the multi-layered concurrent way of working is a natural process, a metaphor not only for the multifaceted interests and sources of information that inform his thinking but a representation of the layered and interconnected culture he lives in and that informs his own identity.

Ince-Mitchell earned a BA in Drawing from the University of the Arts London (2014) and an MA in Painting from Royal College of Art (2019). 

Solo exhibitions include ‘Stuck in this idiots Eden’ at Filet, London (2024) and an upcoming solo show with Niru Ratnam Gallery, London (2024). Group exhibitions include ‘Man Like’, Harlesden High Street (2024); ‘Beyond Boundaries’, Guts Gallery (2024); ‘Life is More Important than Art’, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2023); ‘Cornershop’, Niru Ratnam Gallery, London (2023); ‘The Memory of Architecture’, Filet, London (2022); ‘Ghost-Like Traces’, Unit 1 Gallery, London (2022); ‘Precarious Straits’, TOMA, Southend (2021).

Ince-Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art Painting at University of the Arts London, Vice Chair of a-n The Artist Information Company and sits on the Board of Directors for Blackhorse Workshop.

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