Kk Obi

Kk Obi is an editor, stylist and creative director. Obi is the co-founder of Boy. Brother.Friend, a biannual print publication and digital platform which seeks to examine the African diaspora and male identities through contemporary art, fashion, and theory. The magazine sets out to explore modern masculinity in the context of the black creative community. It takes a multidisciplinary format, bringing together fashion, art, poetry and theory across more than two hundred pages. The title nods to the notion of masculinity as a plural and not a singular as the founders state that ‘there are so many different men that [they] have encountered as friends and in family life, and there’s a lot of work to be done for them to feel fragility and other kinds of emotions’. The creation of Boy.Brother.Friend is a means of shining a light, and expressing to people who have experienced these things that they are understood and are part of a community. 

Obi has contributed to Frieze, Dazed, The New York Times, Beauty Papers, and Fantastic Man whilst working with brands such as Burberry, Kenneth Ize and Tommy Hilfiger. 

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