Li Ning

Li Ning (b. 1994) is a London-based painter whose work blends allegory with fantasy. Drawing from both mythical realms and everyday objects, Ning's work is a testament to the profound influence of Renaissance masters like Titian. Grounded in a deep reverence for tradition, Ning's practice is nonetheless firmly rooted in the present, as he employs a contemporary artistic language to explore timeless themes to reveal the subject’s true essence. His figurative paintings, meticulously crafted through a synthesis of physical observation and spiritual imagination.

Ning received a BA in Oil Painting from Nanjing University of Arts, China (2016) and an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (2021). 

His works have been featured in exhibitions including ‘Jackson’s Painting Prize’, Bankside Gallery, London (2023) exhibition at Bankside Gallery and Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize (2023) online exhibition; ‘Royal Society of Portrait Painters’, Mall Galleries (2021).

Ning’s works have been published in Aesthetica magazine and featured in the essay ‘The Art of Li Ning’ by Jonathan Miles (Tutor and Supervisor of PhD, Royal College of Art. Writer.)

Ning is the winner of the Still Life Award of Jackson’s Painting Prize (2023). 

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