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Michael Ho (b.1991, Arnhem) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Ho’s work responds to the notions of the Chinese diaspora, cultural mismatch and subsequently cultural (re)discovery. He employs a technique of painting working from back to front, superimposing diluted images with resolved brush strokes, and thus clashing Eastern traditions with Western aesthetics. Ho’s critical engagement with the orientalist images and tropes is multifold: from the playful to the political and from the erotic to the domestic. 

Ho received his Diploma from the Architectural Association (2019).

Solo exhibitions include Gallery Vacancy at Independent, New York (2024); ‘As Feelings Burn Their Way’, High Art, Paris (2023); ‘Grotto Heavens’, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai (2023); ‘Tryst’, Gallery Vacancy, Frieze London (2022); and ‘Kūnlún’ (with Chiyan Ho), V.O Curations, London (2021). His work has been featured in group exhibitions at James Fuentes, New York (2024); White Cube, Hong Kong (2023); Blum & Poe, Tokyo (2023); GRIMM, New York (2023); Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter (2023); Hayward Gallery, London and Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (2022); Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong (2022); ICA, London (2022); Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai (2022); Guts Gallery, London (2022); Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong (2022); Vortex, Venice (2022); Delphian Gallery, London (2021); Soft Opening, London (2021).

Ho’s works are held in the collections of Asymmetry Art Foundation, London; By Art Matters Museum, Hangzhou; Domus Collection, New York; Labora Collection, Dallas; Longlati Foundation, Shanghai; X Museum, Beijing; ASOM Collection, Geneva; K11 Foundation, Hong Kong; M Art Foundation, Hong Kong; Longlati Foundation, Hong Kong.

Michael Ho is represented by HIGH ART and Gallery Vacancy. 

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