Naira Mushtaq

Naira Mushtaq is an artist based in London. Mushtaq’s practice focuses on history, memory and social commentary stemming from a desire to understand grief and memory and how memories are formed as affect. Memories, shaped by time, wear down, diverge, and evolve, leaving fragmented truths. Through examining socio-political and cultural contexts, particularly within Pakistan, Mushtaq’s works question which memories are remembered, by whom, and in what context. They delve into the multiplicity and singularity of memory narratives, exploring the value and inaccuracy inherent in memory archives. Her practice reflects on themes of loss, exile, longing, and displacement, highlighting the erasure of dissent by those in power.

Solo and group exhibitions include ‘The Order of Things’, MAMA, London (2023); ‘Land of One’s Own’, Vermillion & Partners, London (2023); ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’, Niru Ratnam Gallery, London (2022); ‘Assemble’, VO Curations, London (2022); ‘Bringing the Spice’, Raven Row, London (2019); ‘Humming Out of Tune’, LUX Moving Image, London (2019); ‘Tate Exchange: Communi-quilt’, Tate Modern, London (2019); ‘Tate Exchange: In another Place’, Tate Modern, London (2018); ‘As I see It’, Satrang Gallery, Islamabad (2018).

Mushtaq has completed residencies at Muse Studio and Gallery, London (2022); Inkster Print Studio Residency, Lahore (2019); Carpenter Wharf Studio Residency, London (2019); Sanat Artist Residency, Karachi (2014).

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