Rafael D'Aló

Rafael D'Aló (b. 1981, Porto Alegre). D'Aló's practice is articulated through the juxtaposition of various media; research on migratory histories, trade, language and urban development guide this practice. Investigating is at the heart of Rafael D’Aló’s practice. Sculptures, paintings and installations are composed of bits of found information that come together to retell stories and establish new relationships between fact, fiction and possibly the fun we have at deconstructing old myths. His works are articulated through juxtaposing materials, colours and found images, remnants of our life in the city, generating an interplay that hints at our fertile collective imaginary and the fast consuming world we inhabit.

D’Aló holds a BA in Liberal Arts from The New School, New York (2007), an MFA in Photography from Hartford Art School (2013) and an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University (2020).

Solo exhibitions and commissions include ‘Even the Odds, Kupfer, London (2023); ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’, Sculpture in the City, London (2023); ‘NEWS FROM HOME’, V.O Curations, London (2022). Group exhibitions include ‘Construct’, Cob Gallery, London (2024); ‘If I Were You’, Kupfer Projects, London (2022); ‘Pipoca’, Nonada, Salvador (2024); ‘Caos Primordial’, Nonada, Rio de Janeiro (2023); ‘Cave’, Les Fondations 312, Brussels (2023); ‘O céu da boca se ilumina’, Galeria Alfinete, Brasília (2023); ‘Presente’, Galeria Tropi, Rio de Janeiro (2023); ‘Assemble’, VO Curations, London (2022); ‘Room Service’, Photo Saint Germain, Paris (2022); Tropigalpão, Rio de Janeiro (2022); ‘Hot Water’, National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Nassau (2018); ‘VIA Arts Prize’, Embassy of Brazil, London (2017).

D’Aló’s work invokes the innate wisdom of the oppressed to play with the iconography of power struggle and desire. Each piece informs the next, creating an ever-evolving chain of metaphors between what’s past and what we have yet to discover and the embedded irony of history.

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