Scott Young

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Scott Young (b. Seattle) is interested in the strange and uncanny relationships we project on objects and images. His paintings are a contemporary re-envisioning of still life and vanitas paintings, where objects and motifs with contentious social significance are carefully placed into coded dialogues. His work often employs imitation marble or wood painting techniques, alluding to artificialities in our extractive relationship between nature and culture.

Young excavates images, materials and motifs from a variety of sources, spanning from art history to design and fashion. His deceptive paintings sit comfortably between image and object, the domestic and the industrial, the decorative and the pragmatic. Borrowing techniques from 19th-century still-life painting, his works contain resonances of past image worlds while simultaneously creating new constellations, to propose a painterly vocabulary strongly informed by our (post-)digital condition.

Young earned his BA in Philosophy & Aesthetics from The Evergreen State College (2020) and graduated from the MFA program at Goldsmiths University of London (2022). During his masters, Young took a six-month hiatus to study traditional decorative wood and marble painting techniques at Van der Kelen Logelain in Brussels (2020). 

Solo exhibitions include ‘Decoy’, Duarte Sequeria, Seoul (2024); ‘Storage Solutions’, V.O Curations, London (2023); ‘Home Wrecker (Citrus of Sadness)’, Des Bains, London (2022). His work has been included in group exhibitions at Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2023); Galerie Mitterrand, Paris (2023); The Artist Room, London (2022); Hartslane Gallery, London (2022); Florence Trust, London (2021); Propositions Studios, London (2021); AMP Gallery, London (2021); University of Essex Gallery, Essex (2020). 

Scott Young was artist-in-residence at V.O Curations, London (2023) and Superfluous, London (2020). 

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