exhibitionRafael D’AlóNews from Home01.04—05.05.202256 Conduit Street

01.04—05.05.2022 Wednesday—Saturday
56 Conduit Street

For his first solo show in London, Brazilian artist Rafael D’Aló presents a group of works

made in a variety of media over the last 2 years. Continuing his work with materials and

objects frequently found on the streets of London, the works in the exhibition investigate the

notion of the city and land and how we navigate them.

The exhibition space is demarcated by a two-part metal sculpture installed at the entrance.

Titled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, it depicts profiles of two abstracted figures

facing one another, as if in a stand-off. The sculpture echoes a city gate, which the visitor

needs to cross in order to access the reality behind it. The replacement of selected floor tiles

with gravel makes the space uneven, similarly to pavement blocks laying the streets.

The two large wall works made with scraps of fabrics, fishing net and twine that connects the

geometrical shapes together, point towards consumerism, production of goods and our

urban relationship with the world. On two opposite sides are works framed in thick plaster

that almost recall abstracted Pointillist paintings. Distorted through hammered glass and

impossible to decipher, they are made using photographs from archival issues of National

Geographic magazines and depict stereotypical and Western views of South American

culture and Latino men.

Made using a wide variety of media including metal, fabric, fishing net, hammered glass and

found photographs, among others, the hybrid works are connected through textures and

different material characteristics. Together they form an installation where each work is in

dialogue with the other, exploring commodification and centralisation of goods and culture in

relation to urbanism, land and home.

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Investigating is at the heart of Rafael D’Aló’s practice. Sculptures, paintings and installations are composed of bits of found information that come together to retell stories and establish new relationships between fact, fiction and possibly the fun we have at deconstructing old myths. His works are articulated through juxtaposing materials, colours and found images, remnants of our life in the city, generating an interplay that hints at our fertile collective imaginary and the fast consuming world we inhabit. 

D’Aló’s work invokes the innate wisdom of the oppressed to play with the iconography of power struggle and desire. Each piece informs the next creating an ever-evolving chain of metaphors between what’s past and what we have yet to discover and the embedded irony of history.