eventDala NasserArtist Tour: Time Spent Without Its Flow05.05.202256 Conduit Street

05.05.20226:30pm56 Conduit Street

Join us on Thursday 5 May at 18:30pm for a tour of Time spent without it’s flow by artist Dala Nasser on the evening of her solo show’s closure at 56 Conduit Street.

As a material based artist working through abstraction and alternative forms of image making, Dala Nasser applies an interdisciplinary approach to her works ranging from painting, to performance, and films. She examines the human and non-human entanglement in the perpetually deteriorating environmental, historical and political conditions resulting from practices of extraction and generations of colonial erasure. Dala uses a range of materials to examine histories, ecologies, and toxicity in her works producing context-specific installations.